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Published: 15th January 2010
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Lohri brings new light, new wishes and a new beginning. A beginning which should be free of all antipathy and which brings peace, harmony and closeness in society as well as in relations. Lohri SMS is a collection of assorted SMSs. You can share this Lohri SMS with your loved ones and wish them their wellbeing and contentment in the coming year. Lohri is a time of anticipation, of life and of love and Lohri SMS tries to bind all this feelings.

With Lohri approaching, time has come to break free all resentment and share peace, harmony and happiness in the society. Share your feelings, your love and care with your loved ones with Free SMS service. Free SMS messages can be delivered from your Personal Computer to groups or individual recipients on the GSM & CDMA network. Free SMS enables a person to send unlimited SMS messages from a computer or laptop to a person concerned. Free SMS text messaging tool is a ready to use desktop software which can send bulk of event alert notifications, season greetings, invitations, promotional campaigns, contacting employee.

You can Send Free SMSfrom your PC. Free SMS has solved all your problems of staying in touch with your friends and family. Sending Free SMS via PC is also advantageous over mobile phones as you are not required to get your phone recharged with various lucrative schemes offered by mobile operators every month which is sometimes a bit expensive. You don't have to take the trouble of remembering the validity date. You only have to write the message on the message box and send it to the number you want to get it delivered. Free SMS is quick, easy and absolutely free.

Free SMS is a boon to the people who are tired of paying heavy dues for their mobile. The Free SMS service is quite popular among the youngsters as well as adults. You can send every type of messages from Free SMS service. The messages include friendship messages, love messages, birthday messages and many more. You just need to do is write the messages and send it to the number you want it to get it delivered. It is a free way of staying in contact with your family and friends.

Registering for free sms service is quite an easy task. You just have to enter the mobile number of the recipient and the SMS you want to send and click "Send" and your message will be delivered within 15-30 seconds. So stop worrying about the reachability and network issues. This is an easy process other than sending SMS from your mobile phone. There is no trafficking or no hidden cost involved. It is a time when you could get close to your loved ones.

A person from all over the world can avail this service. . Your effort to shower happiness in someone's life won't cost you much. It is just a click away. You just have to enter the mobile number and the message you want to send. This is an easy process other than sending SMS from your mobile phone. This Lohri shower happiness in someone's life by sending Lohri SMS.

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